you can arrange a date with our priest by coming to Mass and seeing him afterwards. There is no fee for Baptism but you are always welcome to make an offering to the Church.
We give evening classes to prepare you for your child’s Baptism. You will study the liturgy of Baptism and meditate on the meaning of the Sacrament.
Godparents support parents in passing the Catholic Faith to the child. Godparents also represent the Catholic Community. One godparent must be Catholic – their Parish Priest must confirm their suitability. Non-Catholics are admitted as Christian Witnesses. You can read the Church law about godparents.




The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) is the process through which interested adults and older children are gradually introduced to the Roman Catholic faith and way of life. If you would like more information please ask our priest.

The Sacrament of Penance is available every Saturday before Mass (5.00pm) and also on the First Saturday of the Month after the 9.30am Mass, which forms part of the First Saturday Devotion.
Confession is also available at any time on request

Children in year 3 or above can receive Holy Communion once they have completed a short course. For your child to receive First Communion next year, apply before September by coming to Mass and seeing Father afterwards
Children and parents must attend Mass weekly.

Our Parish Priest administers confirmation on the Solemnity of Pentecost. Every three years the Bishop visits; in those years he confers the sacrament. Parishioners assist in the instruction of our young people. You can read the Church law about confirmation.

We welcome the marriage of parishioners and those who regularly worship here. Please notify our priest at least six months in advance by coming to Mass and seeing him afterwards. Couples must attend the Marriage Preparation Course.

Fr Graham Smith is the Vocations Director for the diocese.

“If there are sick people among you, let them send for the priests of the Church… and the prayer of faith will save the sick person and the Lord will raise them up”
St James

The Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick which, together with Confession, is a sacrament of healing. It is the touch of Christ on the body of the sick person who is anointed with oil blessed by the Bishop on Holy Thursday. When it is the Will of God, the sick person may recover, but the most important effect of this sacrament is to give peace of soul to the person suffering. This Sacrament may be requested when a person falls ill or is weak from old age. It is also important to inform the Parish Priest if you or a relative is going into Hospital for any serious treatment.

It would be a good idea for you to remind your children of your desire to see a Priest if in danger of death, especially if they no longer go to church. Father finds it all too common for families to leave calling a Priest until after their relative has died, thus depriving them of the grace of the Last Rites.